Himachal Pradesh
14th Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha)

e-Vidhan - A Joint effort of H.P Legislative Assembly, MeitY, NIC & NICSI

e-Vidhan Components

Paperless Assembly Sessions

Paperless House Committees

e-Constituency Management

Hon’ble Chief Minister, Himachal Pradesh, Launching the e-Vidhan System on 04th August, 2014

Digital Assembly House



Hi-Tech Training Room

e-Facilitation Centre for Hon'ble Members

The H.P. Legislative Assembly has become India’s first ever high-tech Paperless Assembly by implementing e-Vidhan system and automating the process involved in working of House including various House Committees, its Secretariat and managing Constituencies by respective Hon'ble Members.

The digital transformation of H.P. Legislative Assembly by implementing e-Vidhan is a major Administrative Reform to augment faster and transparent governance.The digital transformation of H.P Legislation Assembly By implementing e-Vidhan is a major Administative Reform to augment faster and transparent governance.

e-Vidhan, a sophisticated e-governance solution, fully automates the functioning of legislative assembly and significantly minimises paper usage with online communication. e-Vidhan is a software suite of public website, secure website, house applications and mobile apps.

Web-based Components:-

Salient Features:-

• Public Website (http://evidhan.nic.in)
• Secure Website (https://secure.evidhan.nic.in)
• Aadhar enabled Authentication
• Role based Authorization
• Bilingual and Unicode compliant
• Hosted at National Cloud (MeghRaj) and auto-syncing
with Local Data Centre at H.P. Legislative Assembly Shimla
• Integration with SMS and e-Mail Gateways
• Digital Signature

1. Paperless Assembly Sessions:

The first Paperless Assembly Session was held in August 2014. No Manual Paper is received from the Government Departments and papers are laid online in the House using Touch Screen on the tables of Members.
Dashboards for: Speaker, Ministers, MLAs, Administrative Secretaries, HODs, Nodal Officers and employees.

Salient Features:-

• Online submission of Questions/Notices by MLAs
• Online Processing of Questions/Notices
• Sending Questions/Notices online to the departments
• Receiving Replies online from Departments
• Online Papers Laying in the House
• Online System for Reporters
• Online issuance and Police Verification of Entry Passes

2. Paperless Working of the House Committees:

Paperless Working of the 15 House Committees was started in 2016. (Online correspondence between House Committees and the Government Departments). The MLAs participate in the online meeting of the House Committees.
Dashboards for: Members of the House Committees, Administrative Secretaries, HODs, Nodal Officers and employees.

Salient Features:-

• Viewing meeting agenda and replies from departments w.r.t assurances, audit paras and questionnaire etc.

3. e-Constituency Management:

e-Constituency Management was launched in Palampur Constituency in November 2016. Workshops are held for the concerned MLA, Pradhans, Up-Pradhans and Departmental Heads/Nodal Offices in the respective Constituency.
Dashboards for: MLA, SDM, Departmental Heads of Sub Divisional Level and Associated staff.

Salient Features:-

• Monitoring of Public Works, Grievances and Offices
• Sending messages to their constituents

Annual Savings

Secretary, H.P Legislative Assembly & Director (IT) to Hon'ble Speaker, receiving the State Civil Award on 15th April, 2015

e-Vidhan Replica at Delhi during Exhibition on Good Governance Day (Union Minister for Electronics & Information Technology in Picture on 25 December, 2014)

e-Vidhan Replica at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi during 36th India International Trade Fair from 14th to 27th November, 2016 (Hon’ble Industry Minister, Himachal Pradesh in Picture)

Nodal Officers, Pardhan/Up- Pardhan attending workshop on e-Constituency Management at Palampur on 22nd November, 2016

Sh. Vipin Singh Parmar
 (Hon'ble Speaker, H. P. Vidhan Sabha)
email: speaker-vs-hp@nic.in
0177-2658164, Fax: 0177-2811151
Sh. Yash Paul Sharma
 (Secretary, H. P. Vidhan Sabha )
email: visabha-hp@nic.in
0177-2656424, Fax: 0177-2652949
Sh. Sandeep Kumar
 (Technical Director, NIC
 H. P. Vidhan Sabha)
email: it-vs-hp@nic.in
0177-2652801, Fax: 0177-2657130

A Joint effort of H.P Legislative Assembly, MeitY, NIC and NICSI